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DC Batman Cowl Mask for this Halloween

dc-batman-cowl-maskI know that Halloween is slowly but surely creeping up upon us, and it always pays dividends to be well prepared ahead of what is in front of us. Having said that, if you have run out of ideas on what to wear this coming Halloween, how about being the dark and brooding billionaire Bruce Wayne’s alter ego, Batman? Of course, playing the part will require some rather elaborate costumes, and the $44.99 DC Batman Cowl Mask would help you look like him in a jiffy.

It does make us wonder whether with the DC Batman Cowl Mask, you might want to have it be accompanied by an accompanying utility belt as well, or perhaps to pick up a Batmobile along the way with a bunch of handy Batarangs by your side. All in all, this lovely, black, latex disguise is a piece of officially licensed Batman: Arkham merchandise, where it sports a couple of adjustable hook-and-loop closures in back to keep it in place as you fight crimes – or sit in on a boardroom meeting.