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Day & Night Watch only tells you if the sun is up

Day & Night Watch

How many times have you sat and pondered whether or not it was daylight outside? Unless you spend the better part of your days living underground, chances are that you don’t think about this very often. Sure, when you’re sitting in a cubicle after hours it may cross your mind, but is that enough to justify a watch that solely tells you whether the sun is up or down?

Apparently for some people it’s worth coughing up $300,000 for a watch that does just that. Part of the reason that it is so expensive is that it is a unique timepiece that used Tourbillon movement, which is supposed to overcome the limitations imposed on the accuracy of watches by the earth’s gravity.

Sure, that sounds interesting and all, however, that’s not enough to justify spending $300k on a watch. Especially one the doesn’t even tell the time.

Source: BornRich

3 thoughts on “Day & Night Watch only tells you if the sun is up”

  1. Actually the author of the article is pretty wrong – it does tell the time, but in a rather cryptic manner: each tourbillon cage makes a full rotation in a minute (all of them do, this is how the tourbillon mechanisms work). The position of the tourbillon in regard to the rest of the mechanism tells the hour. There are two tourbillons, each for 12 hours. Which of them runs, tells it’s either 3 o’clock in the night or 3 o’clock in the day. (Cheap novelty watches with rotating discs for hour and minute or with abacus-like moving balls for hour and minute work in a similar way).


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