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This Dawn to Dusk Nightlight helps parents make those deadly nighttime bathroom trips


Being a parent is a combination of keeping a child and yourself alive while pretending you don’t need much sleep. That being said, if you are lucky enough to get your child to sleep through the night, you have to be quiet as a mouse to keep them that way. Of course, stepping on a LEGO while trying to get to the bathroom at 2am will need to either be prevented entirely or emit a non-existent sound from you to keep said angel babies asleep.

 If you’d rather not rely on your memory that is likely frazzled beyond recognition, perhaps it’s best to keep some nightlights up. Of course, having parent-brain means you’ll need it to be something that functions autonomously, like the WOANI Dusk to Dawn Night Lights. These are wall-plug night lights that will turn on only when it’s dark out and shut off when the sun comes up. It uses 4 soft, bright, white LEDs that shouldn’t blind you after having just woken up from what was hopefully intended sleep.

This comes in a set of 6, are 110-220volts, and should last until your little one is close to college-age. They are a bit big measuring 2.5” on any given side, so you have to be prepared to only use one plug on an outlet and not be able to access the other. It’ll cost you around $13 to get this set, and will likely come in handy for sneaking ice cream in the kitchen during the wee hours without tripping over toys or laundry on the way.

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