The Date Stapler solves two problems at the office

There’s nothing that I like more than products that solve two problems at once, especially when the two problems are generally related.
Most of us have business documents that have to be dated, just to make certain that everything is in order for tax time. Since related documents have to be stapled, why not have a product that can both date and staple things?
This would be the Date Stapler, which puts a date and a staple on at the same time. Normally, it would be stapled and then dated separately. It really is easier this way.
Sadly, it is still a concept designed by Gonglue Jiang, but I think it shows a good trend in office supplies. Perhaps someone could create a three-hole punch that also binds papers together.
Now, if there was some way to make this legal. After all, the purpose of date-stamping a document is to make certain that it holds up in court. However, if I could make the date anything that I want, it hardly looks like it will hold up in court, right?
I’m sure that this particular Date Stapler will be made into reality soon. Perhaps there will be one with an official date that can be calibrated with the Internet. Could something like this put notaries out of business? Chime in with a comment if you have the legal know-how to answer that question.

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