The DashLink Console – Because Bikers Like Tech Too

I love the feel of the wind in my hair, my leather jacket against my skin and the power of a Harley Davidson motorcycle under my butt… Just me and the open road, bugs in my teeth, listening to the growl of my American made beast, and um, my iPod… Okay, I don’t ride a damn bike, but if I did, I’d want a Dashlink Console.
Marketed by Hell’s Foundry, the DashLink Console is a replacement fuel tank with a built-in dock for the iPhone or the iPod. The docking station’s design is very unobtrusive and looks great on the bike. The dock contains a self-sensing on/off circuit so when there are no devices present, the bike’s energy is conserved.
The DashLink console offers the rider the abilty to listen to music or use the GPS Navigation enabled on their iDevice and some models even allow the volume controls of the iPhone or iPod to be adjusted with the stock handlebars.
The original DashLink Docking console is compatible with the Harley Davidson FLHT/FLTR and the FLHR. Watch for Dashlinks compatible with other models like Sportsters, Softtails, and Dynas coming soon.
Some bikes don’t have a sound system, in fact there are some motorcycle purists that believe that anyone who needs to play music while riding a motorcycle is someone who would bring a Nintendo to the Superbowl, but that discussion is for another time.
Priced at around $400, the DashLink Docking Station will be available in three colors – chrome, gloss black, and a carbon fiber finish.

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