Dash – Your new Smartphone Car Stereo

When I’m in the car I never know what to do with my phone, if it’s in my purse I may not find it again for days, I stick it in the cup holder and then I have no place for a drink. Recently I found a way to wedge it in the door handle, it leaves it nicely accessible, but I have had a few incidents where someone opened the door unexpectedly from the outside… so it’s not really the solution I had hoped for, and I’m not getting the most out of my phone.
Here’s an idea that uses your smartphone as the main part of your car’s stereo, I’d like you to meet the Dash. The idea behind the Dash is that it built to fit in the space your boring old stereo used to be, and allows your smartphone to connect and interact with the Dash stereo. Allowing you to take advantage of all the cool features your phone has to offer, safely and easily in your car. Music, navigation and phone calls are all within reach. Not to mention all the other road-friendly apps that can make your drive time more pleasant.
So whether you want to voice text, or check the weather, be alerted to upcoming speed traps or just listen to your favorite local radio station your smartphone will be there for you, mounted safely and securely in your car using special neodymium magnets, and don’t worry, the Dash is charging your phone for you too. The Dash is currently available for pre-order with an iPhone 3GS, 4/4S or iPod Touch Faceplate, but rest assured it will be compatible with most smartphones as the different faceplates become available. Pre-order prices starting at 349 bucks at

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