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Dash Cam 500 keeps an eye on everything

dashcam 500

If there is one particular peripheral that would definitely come in handy while driving, it would be the dashboard camera. After all, getting involved in an accident can be a messy affair, no matter how minor it might be. Having an eyewitness to the incident would be important when it comes to settling insurance claims, which is why a dashboard camera that simply works is of utmost importance (I would say the USB charger comes in a close second). Rand McNally has launched their latest dash cam and companion app, offering high-quality video as well as still photos in a single device: the DashCam 500.

This stand-alone dashboard camera will be able to seamlessly transmit both video and photos over Wi-Fi (as long as there is a connection) to a proprietary DashCam 500 app that is available on both iOS and Android platforms. The synchronization process of content makes it a whole lot easier to keep as well as share content, and with a slew of exceptional features available, you can be sure to be more confident behind the wheel.

The Flashback button is unique, since it will not only save video but provide up to several minutes of preceding video, ensuring that you will not miss a single thing. Then there is the “G” sensor accident protection which automatically figures out there is an accident, saving video footage when it detects an impact to the vehicle complete with a time and date stamp. This will also kick in even when the vehicle is parked.

With the smartphone app on iOS and Android handsets, users are able to check out live videos from the camera, in addition to managing a gallery of still photos and video, make changes to the camera settings, and download and share captures all with the tap of a button. It even has MapShots, relying on the integrated GPS to show where a video was captured on a map. Expect the DashCam 500 to mount securely onto the windshield with a clip-in suction cup mount, while it records in 1080p on a continuous loop with all information stored on a 16GB SD memory card.