Das Keyboard Quiet Mechanical Keyboard

For those of you who tend to do a whole lot of typing in your line of work, surely you would know that there is nothing quite like a responsive keyboard with fantastic tactile feedback. Having said that, those projected keyboards are novelty devices that are unable to beat the real deal when it comes to churning out those reports as requested by the upper management. Single folks can just give this particular story the once over, or skip it altogether as they do not have to deal with typing in bed or in the bedroom while your partner is doing his or her darndest best to fall asleep. What you need is definitely something that works great as a keyboard, but is whisper quiet. The candidate to fill this pair of shoes would be the new Das Keyboard Quiet Mechanical Keyboard.

With the introduction of the Das Keyboard Quiet Mechanical Keyboard, it would mean that Das Keyboard’s popular range of high-performance mechanical keyboards has just gained another family member, where it is said to be able to reduce audible feedback to a minimum without sacrificing on performance. In fact, it claims to deliver one of the best tactile experiences. This latest newest member of the Das Keyboard family will boast of Cherry MX Red key switches that are combined with a new Quiet Key Design. In a nutshell, it would require far less force to actuate keys, where we are looking at 45g instead of 55g to 60g for majority of the keyboards out there, and users would then end up with a softer, more tactile and “whisper quiet” typing experience.

Daniel Guermeur, creator of the Das Keyboard and CEO of Metadot Corporation, said, “Professionals who use modern communication tools like Skype, GoToMeeting, Google Hangout and other means to interact during the workday need a quiet keyboard during their calls to help reduce background noise and distractions. People working in open space environments have expressed the same need. The growing demand for a keyboard that could deliver such an experience is what motivated us to design our newest product. The Das Keyboard Professional Quiet is the total package, delivering outstanding tactile feel and a whisper quiet typing experience. ”

You will be able to pick up the $149 Das Keyboard Professional Quiet in the following layouts – US, UK, German and Nordic.

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