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Dart stylus would refine your tablet experience

dart-stylusWhile most of us already own a tablet that we have become so accustomed to using it with your finger or fingers, purists will tell you that a device the size of a tablet would definitely fare better when you have a stylus to go along with it. Heck, the last stylus that I had came with my Nintendo DS – yes, it has been THAT long, and even then, I have lost the original stylus, having to resort to using a regular pen with its tip covered, or just the plain old finger from time to time. How about a far more formal stylus like the $59.99 Dart stylus from Precision Touch to get the job done?

Precision Touch has been in the market to offer premium quality and unique styluses for tablets all this while, and with their latest Dart stylus, they might have just upped the ante compared to the early styluses of yesteryears which were basically pieces of plastic and some metal melded together. The Dart stylus will be part of a next generation Active Stylus with PCB digital circuitry, providing users with a 2mm hardened silicone tip to deliver a greater level of accuracy and lowering the chances of errors happening.

In fact, the Dart stylus has been specially designed to resemble that of a “Throwing Dart”, hence its name, as it will also boast of the tail fins and engraved rings. Such design features will enable the Dart stylus to deliver the perfect ergonomic counterbalance so that the user ends up with the most comfortable writing or drawing experience.

Having said that, a premium stylus is not exactly commonplace, as we have seen with the TruGlide Apex Fine Point Stylus. The Dart stylus will play nice with all models of the iPad, the iPad mini, a slew of Android- and Windows-powered devices, as it runs off a single AAAA battery with a manual on/off feature. Depending on usage, it ought to last for a good 20 hours before the battery requires some changing.

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1 thought on “Dart stylus would refine your tablet experience”

  1. I just got mine the other day and I have to say that the Dart stylus is the best active stylus I have ever used.

    It captures my notes beautifully and exactly like I write on pen and paper.

    Highly recommended.

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