Darma is a seat cushion that will improve your body and mind


We sit on our buns for most of the day. While we might get up to stretch every once in a while when our legs feel restless or to go get lunch, we really don’t bother moving much. It’s hard to remind yourself how long you’ve been sitting in the same position, if your posture is correct, and when it’s time to get up for a quick walk around the room.

If you wish you had a little assistance to tell you these things, then Darma might be your new best friend. This is a seat cushion that is an “inactivity tracker” as it has been dubbed. This monitors your sitting, breathing, posture, and heart rate, and uses the information to tell you when you need to correct your behavior (yes, it’s pulling all this information from your behind because the sensors are just that delicate). It is, like most things, connected to your smartphone, and will send you reminders and notifications when your rump meat has been touching a chair for too long.

Not only will it teach you how to sit correctly, but it will also guide you through stretches to reduce back pain and breathing exercises to reduce stress. This is a tracker that you won’t have to worry about putting on every morning, and other than charging you can forget about it during the day. It uses memory foam, so you will be sitting comfy while using it too. This is currently a successfully funded crowdfunding campaign, and will cost you $129-179 should you decide to hop on the bandwagon.

Available for crowdfunding on Kickstarter