Dareway is a Segway for kids

Kids already have the option to own little miniature cars to ride in with batteries that run for about 20 minutes before they die.  They also have electronic scooters and other various items to ride on.  Well now kids can own their own kid size version of a Segway, only for them it’s called a Dareway.  There is a version for both boys and girls, and it will move them around just like your average Segway.  Although I imagine this one is not quite as well built.

The girl version is bright pink with purple accents and then there is a second version that is silver and black.  It operates on a 12v recharageable battery and of course they include the battery charger.  The Dareway can travel forwards, backwards, left and right.  All of this is done with the foot accelerator and the thumb operated directional buttons.  It also can of course spin a full 360 degrees.  It’s created for kids 5 years and up, although I’m sure there is some kind of a weight limit on them.  You can purchase one for £149.99 or about $226.

Source: CraziestGadgets

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