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The Dango Loop Hook keeps floor germs off of your stuff

Dango Loop Hook

When you have to be in top form every single day, you start being far more wary of potential threats to your health. You wash your hands more, take extra care with how long food has been in the fridge, and start keeping all of your stuff away from places that will be rampant with germs. If you don’t want to set your purse or pack on a restaurant or bathroom floor and a hook isn’t available, you should probably just bring your own.

If you don’t want any floor bacteria following you home, then this Dango Loop Hook could provide you with the means to prevent such an occasion from happening. This is made of 6061 CNC aluminum, and can hold over 100 pounds worth of junk you try to carry around with you all day. It’s a simple premise, but when you’re in a sketchy bathroom and have nowhere to set down your bag, you’ll be glad you have it.

Of course, it wouldn’t be worth its $19.99 tag if it couldn’t also act as a bottle opener, so you also have that dandy function to look forward to if you’re interested. Just to make certain it’s around when you need it, there’s also a spot for a keychain ring!┬áIt seems like a simple doohickey, and it is, but it’s going to keep your bag safe from dirt and your home free from the dreaded ground germs.

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