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Danger Bomb Alarm Clock

Some of us find it really difficult to wake up, especially after a long hard day at the office and we arrive home dead tired only to realize that you promised your kids to go through their homework with them in detail. Once done, you can barely keep your eyes open – plopping onto the bed only to snore a few seconds later. Fast forward 6 or 7 hours and your ears are greeted by a sound that is second only to your wife’s nagging – that of an alarm clock. You shut it up, and go back to sleep “just for five more minutes” only to wake up during your office’s morning coffee break, adding another blemish to your working record. The Danger Bomb Alarm Clock helps alleviate that by making sure you get up, as it will start beeping like a real bomb a minute before it goes off, and you will need to defuse it carefully by unplugging the corresponding color wire as indicated by a glowing LED located in front. Disconnecting the wrong wire will cause it to explode with a loud noise over and over with no way of shutting it up. $34.99 is the asking price for this interesting alarm clock.

2 thoughts on “Danger Bomb Alarm Clock”

  1. umm yeah…what if you just unplug it from electricity or take the batteries out…? anybody thought of that?…
    i saw a similar app for an iphone, it was an alarm clock where you had to solve a math problem for it to stop, but all you had to do for it to stop was to press the home button…problem solved

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