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The Dandelight will preserve your childhood memories in a practical lamp


When you were a child, everything was new, exciting, and had the potential to be an adventure. A stick could be your greatest enemy, a mound of dirt was an exquisite mansion, and all the world had a sense of magic about it. The older we are, the harder it is to try and hold on to that optimism and wonder of our surroundings.

While you don’t need to buy something to remind yourself to stay young at heart, this Dandelight aims to do that very task. This is a phosphor bronze structure that holds LED lights which are surrounded by real dandelion seeds. The seeds were plucked from a real plant, and attached one by one to the light. This really is a piece of art, but it is one that you will need to treat with care, as the seeds will eventually become unstuck and fly off as they were originally intended to do.

This is only seven inches tall, so it can sit on your desk or a side table for aesthetics and light. It does come with a 9V battery which it needs for power, but you will obviously have to get new ones over time. Seeing that this is a rather laborious piece of art to create, it should come as no shock that the price tag is at $140. While the concept of capturing a moment in spring forever is a lovely one, there’s nothing quite like the real thing, and the memories it creates.

Available for purchase on MoMA