Dancing Fingers Makes Touchscreen a Whole Lot Easier

Just to let you know, this Dancing Fingers product has nothing to do with a fun finger Dance Dance Revolution game that was reported on two years ago.

The Dancing Fingers is designed for those people who have fat fingers. This has nothing to do with a person’s weight, but just the uneven distribution of fat cells on the digits. Some of those operations on the iPhone, like the QWERTY keyboard, are quite small and it is difficult for someone with enlarged fingertips to make precise touches.

These Dancing Fingers are designed to fit snugly on the index and middle fingers, so now “fat-fingered” people can have some full touchscreen capability. No more of hitting the wrong letter anymore.

So far, the Dancing Fingers is just a concept device by China native Alfred Chu. I’m not certain why the Dancing Fingers have lights on them. Maybe that is for some sort of better interface, but I don’t see why longer and pointier fingernails couldn’t do the same thing as this product. I’m guessing that one girl from X2 with the long claws won’t need this product.

Actually, I have read on another site (my Source’s source) that the Dancing Fingers are supposed to turn your fingers into a computer’s mouse. Unfortunately, I don’t have any word on how that works.