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Dancepants is a kinetic-powered MP3 Player

dancepants1-thumb-500x412-28681Is it just me, or are MP3 players in everything these days? I guess some concept designer just had to put an MP3 player in clothes, and why not the pants? After all, the words “dance” and “pants” rhyme.

Say, is that an MP3 Player in your pants, or…all right, I think you all know where that one was going. I’m not liking where the Dancepants is going.

You see, the Dancepants isn’t just an MP3 Player that is designed to fit in the pants. That would probably be easy. You would just find a convenient place to stitch in the apparatus, and just make certain that the user can charge it and download tunes easily.

The Dancepants are not like that. You see, it is powered by kinetic energy. So if you like to listen to music while you are jogging, then you had better keep jogging, or your music will die. That, or you will. Heh heh heh.

Seriously, the Dancepants are a great idea. After all, kinetic energy is just the energy of motion, and we need to channel all of the excess energy in motion if we really want to save energy. After all, our highly technological society always needs energy to power our machines, and we also need to exercise more. Why not combine the two?