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Danbo Robot Head Portable Charger will bring unyielding power to your phone

Portable Robot Head Charger

We all need a portable charger of some sort if we’re going to be away from an outlet for too long. Our phones just can’t last through a day from the amount of use they go through. Of course, we could use our mobiles a bit less, but then how will we send texts and emails, make calls while gaming, and browse the web simultaneously?

If you are completely non-stop and need a boost for your phone to keep up with your addiction to constantly being ‘plugged in’, then the Robot Head Portable Charger can see you through the day. This is an adorable little cardboard box-looking head that is modeled after the character Danbo. The eyes light up, and will indicate how much power is remaining to be used for your various gadgets.

Its has a 6000mAh battery, which will translate to charging your smartphone two and a half times from completely dead. As stated previously, this will work with just about any device you want to plug into it so long as it connects to this power source via USB. It’s very lightweight and pocket-sized so you don’t have to worry about finding room in your bag for another gizmo. This is a bit pricey at around $59, but it is also pretty adorable, and even has two USB outputs so you can charge all the things.

Available for purchase on Firebox