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Danalock Bluetooth Smartlock will play nice with existing deadbolt

danalockThe world has definitely gotten a whole lot smarter in this day and age, and just when you thought that stuff at home could not get any more brainier, think again. Here is the $159.99 Danalock Bluetooth Smartlock which will definitely change the way you look at home locks. For instance, this particular purchase would see you end up with a wireless, app-controlled lock that will play nice with the existing deadbolt, now how about that? It is compatible with the Bluetooth 4.0 standard, and the app itself will be available for both iOS and Android-powered devices.

The free app that is installed on the smartphone will rely on a Bluetooth connection in order to “talk” to your deadbolt, where that very same connection is what locks and unlocks the deadbolt upon your request. Apart from that, there is the added advantage of turning on the auto-unlock so that a signal will be sent to the door whenever you happen to be within range. Fret not if your handset runs out of juice, or somehow or rather, your area has been hit by an EMP wave that renders all things electronics useless – the Danalock can still work with a physical key. Since it fits over your existing hardware and installs with a screwdriver or two, the Danalock Bluetooth Smartlock should be worth checking out for those who want to add a more modern touch to the home.

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  1. The Smartlock is one of my favorite parts of the new “smart home”. Sharing keys with, say, a dog-sitter is usually a hassle, but these smartlocks make it simple to grant limited access to a friend. And the ability to coexist with a deadbolt is key (pun intended).

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