Dalek replica might be an expensive army to assemble

Dr. Who fans, heads up! Ever wondered how it would feel like to have an army of Daleks at your beck and call, annihilating anyone and everyone who gets in your way? Well, they say that money is not everything, but having more than enough of it is certainly something nice to have! What happens if we told you that it is now possible to own a slew of Dalek replicas? Too bad they cannot be remote controlled in any way to do your bidding, but at least they can sit there, looking all pretty and menacing on their own that some folks might even wonder whether they will be zapped if they get too near.
The only flipside to the Dalek replica? They cost a bomb at £3,000 apiece. Surely in the current economic climate, having to cough up that kind of money for an army of Dalek replicas is out of the question, unless you’re an oil sheikh who can’t find a better way to spend your money, of course.