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Dahua reveals new deepsense series of IP cameras

dahua_deepsense_camerasA man’s home is his castle, and while there is no need to dig a moat around your home and throw in a drawbridge for security reasons, it is always a good idea to have some CCTV system or equivalent in order to keep an eye on the premises whenever you are not around. Dahua Technology of China has revealed the new deepsense series of IP cameras that comprise of AI-powered face detection network cameras and face recognition network cameras, where both of them are powered by AI deep-learning algorithms in order to enable accurate face capture and face attributes analysis. This makes real-time monitoring a snap, be it for commercial or private property.

 Using Dahua’s AI-powered security technology that works in tandem with wide dynamic range (WDR) technology, the deepsense series IP cameras will be able to deliver high clarity face image snapshots which works even in the most contrasted lighting conditions. In addition, it offers support for half a dozen different facial attributes’ extraction from stored video, abstracts various attributes such as gender, age, expression (happy, calm, surprised, sad, and angry), glasses, face masks, and beard & moustache in order to provide a more efficient method in searching and tracking a particular subject of interest.

In order to deliver a higher degree of performance while taking up less storage space, the new IP cameras will snap photos rather than record videos. Doing so will effectively reduce bandwidth requirements, and whenever there is a blurry or angled picture detected, it will automatically be discarded. This leaves nothing but the clearest and the most suitable images which can then be used for analysis. It also supports advanced video encoding standards (H.265 & H.264), enabling it to save up to 70% storage space while maintaining high quality video as opposed to standard video compression standards.

Not only that, there are also extra functions such as black/white lists and stranger mode, triggering an alarm whenever it recognizes strangers or blacklisted people. Pretty cool compared to a regular CCTV that does nothing of that sort, right?

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