Dad’s Cab novelty taxi meter

Ask any dad and he’ll tell you that he wears many hats, and among the more popular ones would be that of a driver – at least until the kid is old enough to drive. Enter the Dad’s Cab novelty taxi meter.

Gifts for dads don’t come much better than this Gift of the Year Award winner, Dad’s Cab. Dad’s Cab is a novelty taxi meter that comes with an assortment of forfeit cards that overworked dads can dish out to their blood-sucking children by way of a bill. Payments include ingenious tasks like ‘tidy your room’ and ‘make dad a cup of tea’ – that’s no more free rides for the kids and some well-deserved rewards for dad! Using the adhesive strips provides you can safely secure your Dad’s Cab taxi meter to the dashboard of your car. Turn on the taxi meter every time you find yourself acting as the household taxi driver and let the meter clock up and up! There are additional signs for ‘mum’s cab’ and ‘family cab’ as well as a Terms of Carriage Notice. And for early morning starts, Dad’s Cab also doubles up as an alarm clock! This is a fantastic gift idea and the perfect present for dad’s everywhere – order yours now!

The Dad’s Cab is powered by a quartet of LR44 batteries and will retail for £9.95.