DAB Micro System with MP3 playback

pure-dmx-25.jpgDAB radio is all fine and dandy to listen to, and fans of this format now have another means to listen to it in a compact micro Hi-Fi form, courtesy of the PURE DMX-25 DAB Micro System with MP3 playback. Not only do you get to enjoy DAB radio, the DMX-25 also features the ability for you to groove to your favorite tunes in MP3 or WMA file formats thanks to the USB port. Just load up the desired tunes on a USB flash memory drive, plug it in and you’re good to go. Of course, if USB flash memory drives are not your cup of tea, you can always settle on storing your library of digital tunes on an SD card. Those who hanker after a little retro music can always recycle their extensive CD collection with the PURE DMX-25.

Additional features include a couple of auxiliary inputs which enable you to listen to music played directly off your digital audio player or the phased out MiniDisc player. The manufacturer definitely isn’t horsing around when the word ‘micro’ is used to describe the PURE DMX-25, as the main unit of this micro Hi-Fi measures a mere 140mm wide and 150mm tall, making it not wider than your standard CD jewel case.

You also get autotuning to all available stations and compatibility with CD-R and CD-RW discs. The innards of the DMX-25 are powered by the Frontier Chorus FS1010 which boasts the revolutionary META multi-threaded processor. Audiophiles and casual music listeners will be able to pick up the PURE DMX-25 from April 2007 onwards at the recommended retail price of £129.99.

Source: Digital Lifestyles