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D-Link Exo router series revealed

D-Link Exo wifi router

For many of us, a regular Wi-Fi network at home is good enough for everyday use. After all, how many of us happen to live in an unbelievably large mansion? It is however a rather common occurrence that in some places, there are dead spots where the Wi-Fi signal is unable to reach, even with the best wifi adapter. Enter networking specialists D-Link with their latest D-Link Exo series of routers, debuting at the recently concluded CES 2019. D-Link has teamed up with security company McAfee to bring about a secure home network that simply works no matter which room you are in.

This new collection of Exo routers and extenders will boast of D-Link’s proprietary Wi-Fi Mesh technology. Such technology enables users to mix-and-match compatible routers as well as extenders, resulting in a creation of their network while expanding their coverage according to their home networking requirements. Wi-Fi Mesh will end up with a single network throughout users’ entire home or premises, letting them remain connected automatically to the strongest signal as they move around from room to room. The presence of Auto Channeling allows mesh nodes to automatically select the channel with least interference, while Auto Optimization paves the way for mesh nodes to automatically hunt down the shortest, fastest path to the mesh router.

In addition, there is the Auto Healing feature that will allow the Wi-Fi Mesh to automatically establish an alternative path to the mesh router should there be a time when a particular mesh node malfunctions. The Wi-Fi Mesh is a snap to set up thanks to Automatic Wireless AP Configuration, where network settings are replicated on additional units as long as the first has been configured prior. All of the mesh network’s weak spots can be seen clearly in real time via the Dynamic Network Assistant.

All of the D-Link Exo routers will arrive equipped with McAfee protection for each device connected to the home network. This McAfee Secure Home Platform provides automatic protection to all connected devices, where any emerging threats are identified and blocked courtesy of McAfee’s Global Threat Intelligence. Seems to be well worth the investment, don’t you think so?