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D-Flector: a Portable Studio Background on a Briefcase


The D-Flector may look like a regular briefcase, but it’s much more than that. If you need to take a perfect shot of that product you want to sell in eBay, the D-Flector Portable Photo Studio is a great solution. All you need to do is open the case and put it on the top of a desk with your product on it. When you take a picture, the reflective background illuminates with the flash, giving you an ideal white background for your product. The photo will look like it was taken in a professional studio, just like the product shots you see in magazines and on the Internet.

You can also buy some cool optional items for your D-Flector, like a tabletop monopod, so your photos will be sharp and not blurry, and remote software so you can control the camera from your computer using a USB or FireWire cable. With this software you can control shutter speed, aperture, ISO and etc. This software comes in two versions for Canon PowerShot and Canon EOS Digital SLR Cameras.

The D-Flector comes in three models, with prices ranging from US$ 89.99 to US$ 159.99. There are also additional reflective vinyl backgrounds that you can use with different products such as jewellery or glass objects. A clear picture can help you sell your merchandise online, and that’s what the D-Flector Portable Photo Studio is all about.
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