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Czur touted to be world’s fastest scanner

czurYou know what they say – where there is a will, there is a way. Scanning books or documents tend to be a rather slow affair, especially when you are using an old school scanner. Of course, the more powerful ones do a rather decent job as well, while printers with built-in scanning capability are also rather speedy in their work. The thing is, some of us might be strapped for time – which is why things need to get done, and fast! A young Chinese entrepreneur decided to literally take things into his own hands where scanning materials are concerned, by inventing what Forbes claims to be the world’s fastest scanner. Not only that, this scanner, known as Czur (pronounced as Caesar) will hit the market real soon courtesy of numerous backers on Indiegogo. Turn a page, hit a button and it’s instantly in your iPhone, computer, and the cloud.

Just how fast does Czur take to scan an average book? Half an hour? Guess again – it is apparently as fast as getting the average book scanned in a matter of under 5 minutes, now how about that for being efficient? Not only that, the Czur smart scanner looks and doubles up as a stylish desk lamp, and it takes less than a second to snap up images. It will obviously be hooked up via a Wi-Fi connection in order to send the images to your notebook, tablet or smartphone, where Czur’s software will get to work right away by automatically cropping the page and making sure the picture is flat and smudge proof. In addition, optical character recognition would also mean that one will be able to search for text easily.

Czur will get its scanning job done thanks to a Sony sensor with up to a large resolution format of 4608 x 3456 in 16 million pixels HD CMOS with a 32 Bit MIPS CPU. Of course, the main secret would be a creative proprietary algorithm which has been developed over the course of the past 3 years, where it enables seamless one-touch scanning to picture correction to cloud storage for any books, documents, files, contracts, or even solid objects. There is even a HDMI out port thrown into the mix so that you are able to project your live scans or cloud archives. The $199 asking price certainly makes the Czur a bargain, don’t you think so?