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CZUR reveals the ET16 Plus Smart Book Scanner

czur-et16A scanner is not something that many people have or own, but this does not mean that there is no market for it. CZUR knows that some folks find a scanner to be extremely useful, especially when it comes to digitizing something that has been printed for posterity. This has led to CZUR coming up with the ET16 Plus Smart Book Scanner, a device that is dedicated to delivering smart office solutions that are jam-packed with technology while boasting of the human touch. With the ET16 Plus, book scanning performance and efficiency will be improved, both for home as well as industry users.

Thanks to the incorporation of the innovative Side Lights, the ET16 Plus is able to evenly reveal the entire document so that it delivers a precise, balanced scan, all the while doing away with glare from glossy pages. This means certificates, magazines and laminated documents are all fair game, and it also enables the ET16 Plus to scan a wider range of materials while offering an improved scanning performance to a far greater degree. There are also specialized finger cots which have been specially optimized to execute finger removal with a higher degree of accuracy.

Not only that, CZUR has made book scanning a whole lot more efficient and intelligent through the constant optimizing and upgrading of the CZUR Scanner image processing software. Through this, users have the potential to benefit a whole lot more from a faster processing speed of ET16 Plus. The ET16 Plus is basically an innovation of a desk-light-sized smart book scanner that delivers a fast scanning speed (1.5 seconds per dual-page). It is also an industry-first with the Flattening Curve feature, letting it auto-flatten curved pages.

Being compact in design with an easy operation and an affordable price, this is the perfect tool to preserve rare documents and compile a digital library/archiving center.

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