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Cyrano digital scent speaker offers a new way to relax

cyranoMany of us do happen to take to music in order to soothe our jangled nerves after a particularly long day at work, or if it has been a difficult time at home. Well, music is able to calm down a particular situation, but if you were to couple that with the right smells, then the effect would be all the more impressive. This is what Vapor Communications has done – by announcing the launch of Cyrano, which happens to be a spanking new digital scent speaker as well as mood modification platform.

It is not only small in its form factor that makes it convenient and portable, it is also battery-operated that would mean working wireless, well, at least until the juice runs out and you need to plug it into a power outlet somewhere. Cyrano happens to be a tiny personal consumer electronics device which is able to remotely play sequences of scents known as mood medleys. Each scent in a mood medley will be able to last up to a few minutes, which is just the right amount of time for the scent to be perceived by the user while short enough to avoid the olfactory fatigue associated with traditional scent technology, including the likes of candles and air fresheners.

In other words, you can now “turn on” and “program” scent in the same manner as that of turning on the lights in your home. In addition, for the first time ever, one is able to design and instantaneously modify one’s personal air for relaxation, empowerment, and personal wellness.

Using the Cyrano is a snap – all that you need to do is to place it in the cup holder of your car, on a desk, bed stand, or in any personal space where your live or work. From there, pick your selection of mood medleys, such as “Get Energy,” “Get Relaxed,” or “Get Free” from the corresponding oNotes app, and Cyrano will then play the desired sequence of scents.

Cyrano will be available for order online from today onward, where a limited production run will see up to 500 Cyrano devices delivered through this summer. It will retail for $149 apiece with a starter Natural Mood cartridge, and subsequent cartridges will cost you $19.99 a pop.

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