Cyclists will love the Refactor Fitness RF-1 GPS

Refactor Fitness RF-1 GPS

Do you love cycling? Well, if you simply go around the neighborhood on your bicycle, chances are you do not need to own a cycling computer of any kind, but the more serious ones who would love to check out their performance statistics or explore new places would certainly be able to do a whole lot better with the Refactor Fitness RF-1 GPS installed on their rides. This is an advanced GPS system that does a whole lot more than just provide directions, it will also incorporate an HD camera alongside ultra-efficient LED lights, all rolled into a single, convenient design.

With the Refactor Fitness RF-1 GPS, cyclists are able to enjoy many different aspects of essential cycling features without having to scramble all over the place to purchase different devices. It runs on the Android 7.0 Nougat platform, providing a fast, responsive and fully customizable interface. For starters, there is a front-facing HD 1080p camera that is able to record at 30fps using its dash cam function. This paves the way for the provision of recording the last 20 minutes of a ride, which would come in useful in the event where there is an accident or mishap.

Not only that, the presence of dual ultra-efficient LED headlamps will provide a greater peace of mind, since cyclists can now see their paths clearly in low light or night time conditions. There is a double advantage to that: both drivers and pedestrians too, are able to see them from a distance. The presence of a sunlight visible screen makes the Refactor Fitness RF-1 GPS equally useful during the day and at night, and this totally waterproof system will be powered by a high capacity 3,000 mAh battery that should be able to keep it going for up to 12 hours. I would have liked to see the battery being able to be charged up via a dynamo system, but perhaps that is something to be worked on in a future model.