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The Cyboard makes short commutes even shorter

When you have a jam-packed schedule, shaving off a few minutes in between appointments is kind of a big deal. You need to get between point A and B as quickly and efficiently as possible without stressing yourself out or trying to rush things. If your commute is short, buying a mode of personal transport can be useful, but you don’t want to have to put in gas, exhaust too much energy, or waste more money than the time that it saves you.

If you just want a little boost in speed going from class to class, on lunch break, or walking to work, the Cyboard can assist you. This is a rechargeable battery-powered personal transportation device. It can move up to 6.2 miles per hour with up to 290 pounds for 9-12 miles. Of course, that is without other factors coming into account such as the weight of the rider, road condition, and temperature. It can go up a 20 degree incline, but when you’re coasting down a hill it will recharge.

The Cyboard was meant to withstand rain, wind, and particulates such as sand. It’s capable of handling bumps and sharp turns, which hopefully means it will live past the first month of real use. There is a bit of practice involved with gaining your balance, but it is said you can be pro level after about 15 minutes. This is no paltry purchase at $899, but if you’re living a lifestyle where minutes matter more than money, it could be a worthy purchase.

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