Cybertek Wings

There are some gadgets that just “work” without having a real purpose other than looking cool. The Cybertek Wings are one of those gadgets. They won’t gift you with the power of flight and they won’t give you angelic powers, but they sure as hell make you look really, really cool.

Built out of carbon fiber and extruded aluminum, the pneumatic powered Cybertek Wings just look crazy cool. The images speak for themselves. You can even add a custom twist to your wings buy ordering your choice of colored wingtips, which activate when the wings expand.

The Cybertek Wings will actually extend and retract like a bird’s wings, and will do so about 7 times before they have to be recharged with air pressure for about 5-10 minutes. All Cybertek sets are made to order, so the whole order to shipping process might take between 1-5 months, depending on how busy the engineers are.

While owning a pair of Cybertek Wings would set your back $1,000, the wings are also available for rent for photoshoots and events. So you don’t necessarily need to break the bank if you only want to use a pair of these awesome wings for a weekend event or some sort of model gig.

Product Page via LikeCool

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