Cybershoes is a must-have VR accessory

CybershoesVirtual reality has certainly caught on lately, which is a far cry from the likes of the Virtual Boy from Nintendo all those years ago. This is made possible courtesy of the technological advancements made in the computing sector, where tiny yet extremely powerful microchips will be able to feature the processing muscle required to handle complex virtual reality environments. In fact, it does help that the likes of the HTC Vive has also entered mainstream consciousness, breaking down traditional barriers with its ease of use and relative affordability. Why not top up your future VR experience with the Cybershoes?

The Cybershoes is an affordable yet innovative piece of VR accessory that is worn on your feet. When you do so, you can literally walk, run or flee through virtual reality, making the most of the experience. The Cybershoes was on display at the recently concluded Electronic Entertainment Expo, providing VR enthusiasts with the ability to step into new worlds like never before. You wear them strapped directly onto your feet, while remaining seated in a swivel bar stool so that you can enjoy a truly unique VR journey. This pair of Cybershoes are fully compatible with just about any VR game, where it plays nice with SteamVR, the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift or Windows Mixed Reality.

All of your moments will be under your full control, limited by your own physical movement. This might mean that some of us out there would like to be more physically active so that you will be able to enjoy a wider range of motion and movement in a VR environment!

It is a snap to set up, where both calibration and linking of the Cybershoes to a VR rig is simple enough, while prior to playing your favorite game, just strap into your favorite swivel bar stool and you’re good to go. It will certainly see far more uses than just for gaming itself, and having been tested by over 2,000 individual users, it is ready for mass market production.

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