Cybernet ZPC-945SL crams PC into keyboard


We have seen our fair share of convergence devices over the years, but I would say this takes the cake when it comes to the world of computers. We all know how small a keyboard is, but the Cybernet ZPC-945SL offers something much more than just a typing peripheral. In fact, underneath this keyboard lies, can you believe it, a fully functional computer? Yes, that’s right, you no longer need to set aside some space for that computer case of yours with the Cybernet ZPC-945SL. In fact, once dissected, this all-in-one PC-in-a-Keyboard has some pretty respectable specifications underneath the hood.

What you get is a fairly functional office computer with an Intel Pentium 4 processor running at 3.4GHz in charge of all the processing tasks. You can bump the RAM up to 2GB at most, while a 2.5″ IDE hard drive completes the list of specifications. Of course, you can also throw in an optical drive, VGA and DVI ports, half a dozen USB 2.0 ports, and a mini PCI slot for further expansion options. If you’re a gamer, kindly steer clear of the Cybernet ZPC-945SL, but those working in the healthcare, education, government, point of sale, call center, and factory floor sectors would do well to look into this compact computing solution.

Availability details are still unknown as at press time, but the Cybernet ZPC-945SL will retail anywhere between $575 to $945, depending on the hardware configuration. Each purchase comes with a one year warranty as well as lifetime phone support.

Source: Wired

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