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Cyber Snipa Warboard offers revolutionary gaming experience


When it comes to playing games, those who can multitask the best often wins. Of course, this takes into account that both players share the same level of skill, tactical acumen, and perhaps even luck. Unfortunately, with very little separating two gaming titans from each other, the difference between glorious victory and defeat could boil down to the hardware used. The Cyber Snipa Warboard ensures that you get the best gaming experience possible, providing up to 10 assignable macro keys physically, with five on each end of the keyboard. Guess you have no excuse now if you lose even when using the Cyber Snipa Warboard, so don’t quit your programmer job yet to be a pro-gamer.

Other than the 10 macro keys that I mentioned earlier, there are also another 10 which are accessed in “macro mode”. This gives you a grand total of twenty buttons to keep your fingers occupied, with each macro enabling you to script a string of actions via the bundled software. Now if only the Cyber Snipa Warboard came out back in the early days of Quake, when I had no idea on using the mouse as the gaming peripheral of choice but instead tried to make numerous rocket jumps with a keyboard which result in failure most of the time. In addition to those 20 keys, you also get 17 swappable combat keys which are able to specify movement directions, weapons selection, reloading, and chat among others. The picture labels on those keys are practically useless since seasoned gaming veterans hardly look at the keyboard – only n00bs stare continuously for reference.

At this point in time, it looks as though the Cyber Snipa Warboard caters toward FPS gamers only, and it would be nice to see if more Warboard combat keys can be picked up individually from stores in the future. This unique keyboard comes in an armor plate finish, and can even disable the pesky Windows key at the push of a button. It will sell for $69.99 a pop.

Source: Gizmodo

3 thoughts on “Cyber Snipa Warboard offers revolutionary gaming experience”

  1. I have a G15 keyboard, and it outdoes this one by far. 18×3 macro keys, more properly situated IMO, plus a switch that disables the Windows key so you dont minimize, sound muter, backlighting adjustments, 4 media keys/circular volume dial, 4 additional keys and an LCD Overlay selection button. Thats right, it has an LCD. Incredibly useful; You can get overlays for games that even include compasses that tell you where your teammates are, even if that wasn’t an original feature! ^.^

    Plus… I got a refurbed for $45.

    Oh, and the wrist-rest has 3 positions… Plus they keyboard has headset cable channels underneath, as well as 2 USB ports on the back.

  2. I have to agree with Meh, above.

    I also have a G15 keyboard from Logitech, and it looks to stomp this one in terms of features and usability.

    What’s even better is that currently has it for $72 including taxes and shipping.

    LCD screen has many uses, as people are always creating new widgets for it. My personal favorite is the teamspeak module which enables you to see who is talking even when playing a game in full screen, which is great since a lot of my clan members (gaming clan, not racist clan) sound alike.

    The programmable buttons are all on the left side of the keyboard, which is great for righties like myself, since it means I can access all of them without taking my aiming hand off the mouse.

    It also has blue blacklighting (off, low or high) which is great for those that want to play in the dark, but haven’t quite figured out their keyboard layout.

    Don’t forget the things mentioned above as well.

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