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CutHut keeps your family safe from projectiles


Your fingernails are not, on their own, dirty. It’s all the dirt, bacteria, and germs that get under them that make them disgusting. We want to wash up after shaking hands with someone because we don’t know if they cough into their hands or what all they’ve touched since last cleaning their phalanges, so it makes sense that we don’t really want to be hit with a finger or toenail that’s flying through the air.

While getting this will not prevent the occurrence from happening because you can’t control people, getting the CutHut would at least make your roommates, family members, or friends more aware of their gross habits. This is a little hut for your finger to slide into with a magnifying glass for the see-through window so you can cut your nails and keep the trimmings to yourself. Not only will it keep the clippings from flying all over the place, but it will be a snap to clean up after the job is done.

This is a simple construction that should fit any finger size, but there will always be some exceptions to the rule. This product will cost you $14.98, but it will at least prevent any instances of finding nasty nail bits all over the place. If it’s not a purchase for yourself, hopefully asking the person it is intended for nicely will work before you have to resort to buying a finger-sized room to cut nails in.

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