Curve Extreme Sport: Skateboarding reinvented?

The Curve Skateboard

Designer Gary Chang is looking to invent a new sport, based on skateboarding. His inspiration seems to have come from the world of MotoGP.

As a former skateboarder, I can testify that normal skateboards aren’t that good as a means of transportation. First of all, they need flat and smooth surfaces, and second they can’t corner that well, especially at higher speeds.

The Curve Extreme Sport seems to not only be fir for urban transport, but also for speedy downhill runs.

The first thing you’ll notice are, of course the wheels. They are located at the front and rear extremities of the board. This, while looking good, is the major flaw of this board. Conventional skateboards allow you to shift your weight beyond the axles toward the frond and rear of the board. This allows for quick turning at low speeds and for hops that allow you to climb or descend curbs. This can’t be done with the Curve (yet).

More Curve concept pics

On the other hand, the new wheel design is very practical. The contact surface is always small, allowing for better speed and more precise control. The rubber used for the wheels offers a lot more grip for riding, but is far less forgiving when performing tricks.

Steering is achieved by leaning to the left or right, and is similar to motorcycle cornering. The board’s design allows for precise lateral weight shifting. This is essential for high speeds.

All in all, if the flaw I pointed out will be fixed, this will be a good means of transportation for the city, not just a new extreme downhill sport. It’s interesting and I’ll follow up on its development.

From Yanko Design.

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