Current Regulating Fuel Efficiency Booster

It looks like the price of black gold is going up yet again, although it isn’t that near the dizzy heights that we experienced a couple of years ago when we paid more than four bucks per gallon in certain places. If you can’t afford a hybrid vehicle to maximize your fuel usage, how about considering the Current Regulating Fuel Efficiency Booster?

It would be interesting to see what the Return On Investment (ROI) for the $79.95 Current Regulating Fuel Efficiency Booster would be. If it works as advertised, do you think energy companies would go all out to block the sales of such a devices?

This is the device that improves a car’s fuel efficiency by up to 18%. An independent automotive testing service showed the unit increased an automobile’s average fuel efficiency from 23.8 to 28.1 miles per gallon in two weeks. The device simply plugs into a car’s DC outlet and stabilizes the electrical current flowing to the electrical control unit (ECU)–the computer that controls the engine’s fuel injection and ignition systems–to improve gas mileage. The device mitigates electrical interference from the stereo, lights, air conditioning, and more that can negatively affect the ECU’s ability to optimize fuel injection and fuel efficiency. Includes an adapter with two DC outlets that accommodate the fuel efficiency booster and another device. For use with automobiles that are at least two years old and have 12 or 24-volt systems; not for use with hybrid cars.

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