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The Cupsy Sofa Organizer is supposed to be stuck in between the cushions

Cupsy Sofa Organizer

There are times where we get stressed, and all but live on the couch. We need a break from life every so often, and TV is an excellent way to do that. Some people prefer to de-stress by going outside to reconnect with nature and get away from it all, and others can go in their living room, be a vegetable for a day or two, and be right as rain once more. If you fall into the latter categorey, then you likely enjoy ways of making sure that your couch can’t eat the remote or your phone, and will have a space close enough to you that getting to your drink isn’t too difficult.

If all you need is a cup holder and something to help keep your couch potato life in order, then the Cupsy Sofa Organizer will be the hot new thing for your living room. This has room for two cups, and a slot to keep your phone safe from the abyss between the cushions. If you’re the type who likes to drink on the couch, then you’ll be pleased to know there’s even a pull out contraption that will hold the stem of your wine glass.

Of course, for those that don’t always live on their couch, this can be used on your bed, in the car, on the beach, and can even float along in a pool if you have the proper accessories. This is going to cost you around $30, and is a great way to keep water rings off of the end tables. This comes in blue, beige, brown, green, red, and “woodland camouflage”.

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