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Cupron Copper Pillowcase – Gives new meaning to Beauty Sleep

I love beauty products, I for one am always spending more than I should on the next great thing thats going to make me younger, fresher or more attractive. Certainly not because I need to be younger, fresher or more attractive… Heavens no. Okay well maybe just a little bit.

There are creams and lotions and toners and masks but what about some new technology? What if your pillow could help you wake up everyday, just the tiniest bit younger? Thats what the folks over at Cupron are saying about their Copper-infused pillowcases, made from 300-count cotton and Cupron, a patented copper additive.

It is suggested that use of this pillowcase will reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines in four to six weeks, and it inhibits allergens, bacteria and fungi, discouraging stains and odors and perhaps minimizing acne.

The zippered pillow case looks like a regular standard size case and the benefits provided by the product supposedly lasts as long as the products themselves, regardless of how many times you wash it. I’m thinking skip the bleach though.

Ah, the pillowcase of the future, and it might actually work, are they gonna make a sleeping bag out of this stuff?

Further info at Cupron and a trial.