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Cupertino announces a rainbow of new Nanos

Well, it looks like Kevin Rose got it pretty much right when he leaked details of the new iPod Nano which is being released today. Based on a more curved design, the new Nano design comes with a widescreen for watching new HD content available from the iTunes Store. The new Nano designs also have a curved design to them, as Rose predicted, come in a rainbow of colors, and an ever so slight price reduction. In addition, the Nano takes advantage of the accelerometer which changes the screen size, by allowing a “shake shuffle” mode that enables users to shake it to move to the next song on the shuffle. Users also have new earbuds which have navigation controls right on the bud cord and a microphone for the built in memo recording feature (sold separate for about $79 – UGH!). The new iPod nanos come in 8GB for about $150, or 16GB for $199 ($200 in disguise). Steve also announced a new iPod Classic 120GB model, portending the discontinuing of the 160GB variation. But that isn’t all.

Steve Jobs also announced an update to the iTunes Store to version 8, which has a “genius” mode to suggest similar music tracks based upon what a listener has on their playlist. Again, Kevin Rose hits the nail on the head. And also, NBC returns with shows in HD for $2.99. That means that NBC, Sci-Fi (just in time for the last half of BSG) and other NBC stations return to iTunes in glory with a $1.00 price increase.

Finally, iPhone and iPod Touch users can upgrade to OSX2.1 for free, if they have already updated from 2.0. Those below that will have to pay the additional $10 fee. It fixes a lot of bugs including call drops, battery life, and app crashes.

The 8GB Nanos are available now with the 16GB models due out this weekend.

Hat Tip – Crave

Photo Hat Tip – The Giz