The Cup Communicator lets you talk through cups


Even if we never tested it, we’ve all thought about using the cup trick to communicate with a nearby friend when we were kids. To be able to secretly talk without your parent’s knowledge is every kids dream.  Well with technology as it is, it’s a touch easier for kids to do that.  If you’d still like to enjoy that same feeling you got as a kid when you used those cups, maybe you could give this cup trick a whirl in an updated way.

This concept is meant to bring you back to the good old days.  It uses digital networking to give that same old feel.  In order to activate it, you just tug on the cord and then to communicate you just squeeze the cup itself.  It’s extremely similar to a walkie talkie, just far more awesome.  Sadly this cup isn’t something you can pick up at your local electronics store.  It’s still trapped in the design phase of things.

Source: Gizmodiva