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The Cuisinart PerfectTemp Cordless Kettle – think less, drink more…tea

PerfectTemp Cordless Kettle

If you know a thing or two about tea, then brewing times and water temperature actually mean something to you. While most who enjoy tea can stand not having everything done perfectly, there are those who simply cannot. If you want the tea at the optimal everything but don’t want to fret over the smaller details, then you can get gadgets and gizmos to make sure nothing could possibly go wrong.

This Cuisinart PerfectTemp Cordless Kettle is a 1.7 liter hot pot that will make sure your tea is only ever steeped at the proper temperature. Its six preset temperatures have their own buttons, and delineate what tea they are for, marked as delicate, oolong, green, white, french press coffee, and black tea. The buttons will illuminate once they’ve been pressed, and you only need to press start to get the water roiling.

Should you start the kettle and realize that a friend is coming over but won’t make it for another few minutes, you can press a button to keep the water warm and ready to reach higher temperatures faster. There’s a memory feature that will let you lift the kettle off its base for 2 minutes and it won’t shut off or lose its place in the brewing process. This is a $98 purchase, and is meant for serious tea drinkers who consider a day without their brew one hardly worth living through.

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