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Cubicaller – A Doorbell for your Cubicle


Here’s another of lose useless funny office gadgets, the Cubicaller, the cubicle doorbell.

No longer will your colleagues have to manually knock on your cubicle wall, now they can announce their arrival with one of the following sounds.

  • Chirping birds
  • Old car horn
  • “Ding-Dong” doorbell
  • Sprong
  • Fading laser
  • Knocking on door
  • Fog horn
  • Big band
  • “Quack-Quack”
  • Ring tone
  • Cat meowing
  • Chimes

It’s fastened on using Velcro so can be removed at night to prevent the office cleaner from pinching it. The CubiCaller is available at TG for $11.99.