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CUBi dice are the world’s smallest titanium dice

cubiWho would have thought that something so basic like dice could end up being so different – that is, being technologically advanced or enhanced, that they happen to offer old results in a new manner like the LUMA dice? Well, here is a throwback to the good old days of a regular six sided die, except that it will boast of an exceptional level of craftsmanship which is unable to be found anywhere else. I am referring to the CUBi dice, which are touted to be the smallest titanium dice in the world, now how about that if you would like to add a dash of class to your next tabletop gaming experience?

It is said that the CUBi is an ultra small and precise gaming die that is made from solid titanium, and you do not have to worry about losing it if you are careful enough to bring it with you in your pocket – after stashing it into the included pocket size keychain, of course. Touted to be the world’s first 5 mm titanium gaming die, it was made thanks to the modern wonders of precise machining. It does not matter if you are a board gamer, collector or simply into cool stuff, the CUBi should be able to find a fan just about anywhere. As mentioned earlier, it arrives with a specially designed keychain for dice storing. This particular keychain is able to hold up to half a dozen of such CUBi dice, which should be more than enough for the average tabletop game, or perhaps even for some off the radar gambling sessions.

Since it is made out of a solid titanium, you can be sure that it looks outstanding, and should be able to outlast many of your boardgames, and despite being a perfect 5 mm cube, it is really small, and yet will be able to depict numbers that are clearly visible to the naked eye. The CUBi dice rolls easily and come with a rounded edge to make sure the time that the dice rolls is not a short one.

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