X Cube is going to be quite the cerebral challenge

xcubeOur brain is somewhat like a muscle, the more often we make use of it, the better and more adept we are, which means that we ought to be able to deal with future problems better when we use the way we solve existing ones as a “base” of sorts. For those of you who have had a long running love affair with puzzle games and toys, I am quite sure one of the more iconic puzzles you have solved before – or at least attempted to, before you rearranged the stickers accordingly, would have been the Rubik’s Cube. Over the years, there have been variants like the Scruble Cube, and here we are with what looks like a “Final Boss” type – the £24.99 X Cube.

It might sound harmless at first, but make no mistake about it – the X Cube is touted to be horrendously difficult to solve. After all, it does come with 52 moving parts, 102 stickers and 125 decillion possible permutations, and for those smug Rubik’s cube solvers, it might just bring down your pride and ego by a notch. Or a few notches, really, as you spend days and perhaps even months trying to get this piece solved. Of course, hats off to you if you managed to actually discover the right “formula” to get this puzzle solved!

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