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CTL Chromebook NL7X takes on the ruggedized look

NL7X-rugged-chromebookWhen it comes to the realm of education, Chromebooks happen to be something that straddles the fine line in the middle: it is lightweight, compact, and yet powerful enough to handle most of the modern day applications used in the education line but is unable to deliver the kind of processing muscle required for high end gaming. Students too, are not well known for their ability to take care of things properly, which is why anything that goes through their hands best be tough in its nature. CTL saw an opportunity and decided to announce the CTL Chromebook NL7X, the latest addition to their collection of ruggedized Chromebooks for education.

 The CTL Chromebook NL7X is no ordinary Chromebook, as it is extra rugged by the fact that it will be accompanied by the patent pending CTL X-Panel. What makes the X-Panel interesting is this: it boasts of reinforced corners alongside a pressure-resistant cover, enabling it to withstand up to 365 pounds of pressure to the top shell. In other words, feel free to stand on it without worrying about a thing, although if you were to jump on it, that is an entirely different matter. I suppose the whole point of the X-Panel is for the CTL Chromebook NL7X to handle the pressure of being carried around in a backpack that has been squeezed with a whole lot of other textbooks.

There is also another function to the X-Panel: it doubles up as a whiteboard, making it perfect for taking down notes as and when required, or for class polling. Just to add more peace of mind, the NL7X will be accompanied by a year’s worth of accidental damage protection for free. Other features of the CTL Chromebook NL7X include a 2.5 pound design, a retractable carrying handle, being able to withstand drops from 70cm, a water-resistant keyboard, reinforced ports and hinges, and a HD world-view camera.

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