Crystallized Foosball Table

Table football, or Foosball, might be known as the most unglamorous form of gaming in the world. Mostly known for being spotted in seedy sports bars and dirty basements, there’s not much you can say about the foosball table that makes it seem fitting for the luxurious crowd. BlingMyThing says “Think again!”

BlingMyThing’s Crystallized Foosball Table is table football for a whole new crowd. What you get is this back-and-forth eye following game for the luxurious bunch. The details of the Crystallized Foosball Table seems to be on a need-to-know basis, because we certainly can’t find any details about this monstrous piece of luxury, but more details are sure to emerge soon.

What we can tell you is that this is not a table game you’ll be spotting in any local bachelor pad apartments. Sure to be the most expensive Foosball table ever made, it’s more of a piece of art than an actual game piece. Though of course, it’s fully playable if buyers are so inclined.

Euro football is moving full-speed ahead. There’s no doubt that at times like these, there are many people who are thinking about whipping out their old Foosball tables, or perhaps upgrading to something a little more worthy of their wealthy surroundings. If you have enough money to waste on a crystal Foosball table, something tells us that you might just be the kind of person who doesn’t have much time to even play the game.

Product Page via BornRich