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The Crystal Ball – the power of music is in your hands

The Crystal Ball
Music is something you feel. We certainly understand that music affects us emotionally, as it moves us in ways that few things on Earth can. If you’re not careful, it can drive you into a dancing fury, as an infectious beat is hard to ignore. Of course, a DJ that hardly moves will not inspire their audience to cut a rug. If you are a DJ looking to pull all the stops, then you know how important showmanship is, and the need to both impress with amazing sounds and aesthetics.

The Crystal Ball takes skill to master, but will make it appear as if music is under your command through magic. This is a movement-based interface that lets you control MIDI synthesizers or creation softwares with ease. Optical sensors that are aware of distance and speed allow you to control samples, effects, lights, videos and more. This is completely programmable of course, and has 24 banks of 5 presets, giving you quite an endless amount of possibilities to choose from.

It has a USB port, MIDI in/out, a jack port, rubber keyboard, and has a metal frame that can withstand being run over by a car. You can choose to use the Crystal Ball mode which relies heavily on the sensors, turning them into knobs and faders, or Pad mode, which sends commands through the keyboard. This is no cheap trinket with a price tag of around $578, though it’s not meant for beginners. You’ll need a lot of time to choreograph and experiment to get things just right before you could do an all-out performance.

Available for purchase on Woodbrass, found via thisiswhyimbroke