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Cryptex Steampunk USB Drive adds a dash of style to your portable storage needs

cryptexIt goes without saying that just about every single one of us already have a USB flash drive, or even a handful of those due to the numerous conferences and tradeshows that we have attended, and it can get rather difficult trying to keep track of the files that are stored on individual USB flash drives. Some of the designs are pretty generic, while others can be gaudy, but if you would like to have a dedicated USB flash drive that you know would be used to store all of your primary files, you would do well to pick up one that is easy to spot and identify, and yet sports a design that turns heads. Enter the $49.99 Cryptex Steampunk USB Drive.

The Cryptex Steampunk USB Drive is very special since it offers another layer of security, where there is a mechanical combination lock which will do its bit to protect your data stashed away within. Needless to say, the main inspiration for the Cryptex Steampunk USB Drive hails from Leonardo Da Vinci’s sketches. Each purchase will come with a unique 5 digit code that has been preset and included to help you get started right out of the box. Boasting up to 16GB of internal storage, the Cryptex Steampunk USB Drive will be made out of zinc alloy and is accompanied by a bonded leather strap and a velvet pouch.