Cruzin Coolers

Cruzin Cooler

A motorized cooler sounds pretty cool, even cooler when you find out that you can ride it. Don’t be one of those losers who have to walk and carry their own coolers, get yourself a Cruzin Cooler!

Now you can get around with all your food and drink without having to walk, what a combo! You can get either a gas or electric model. To decide which one is for you, you just need to decide how much distance you need to cover. The gas versions have a range of 30 miles, while the electrics don’t have a range stated. There are two models of each, one goes 13 MPH, the other goes 15 MPH. The electric models only need to be recharged (max 6 hours), while the gas models take EPA approved two stroke (33 cc) or four stroke (39 cc) (mixed with oil). If you’re on the larger size, a Cruzin Cooler will hold up to 300 lbs, that’s counting the cargo.

This isn’t a gimmick, the Cruzin Cooler is a real scooter and also stores food + drink. It will hold up to 24 twelve ounce cans plus ice. That’s enough for a good day at the beach, boat, or park.

The prices are fairly reasonable. The 300 watt electric and 33cc gas are $349 and $449 respectively. The 500 watt electric and 39 cc gas are both $499.

If you’re deciding between the gas and electric, here’s what I’d suggest: get the gas if you want longer distances and don’t mind a bit of noise, get the electric if you don’t mind a short range scooter but want to be fairly quiet. Always go for the more powerful one, it’s bigger and better.

The Cruzin Cooler is available from Amazon more info at Cruzin Cooler.

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