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Cruzin Coolers

Cruzin Cooler

A motorized cooler sounds pretty cool, even cooler when you find out that you can ride it. Don’t be one of those losers who have to walk and carry their own coolers, get yourself a Cruzin Cooler!

Now you can get around with all your food and drink without having to walk, what a combo! You can get either a gas or electric model. To decide which one is for you, you just need to decide how much distance you need to cover. The gas versions have a range of 30 miles, while the electrics don’t have a range stated. There are two models of each, one goes 13 MPH, the other goes 15 MPH. The electric models only need to be recharged (max 6 hours), while the gas models take EPA approved two stroke (33 cc) or four stroke (39 cc) (mixed with oil). If you’re on the larger size, a Cruzin Cooler will hold up to 300 lbs, that’s counting the cargo.

This isn’t a gimmick, the Cruzin Cooler is a real scooter and also stores food + drink. It will hold up to 24 twelve ounce cans plus ice. That’s enough for a good day at the beach, boat, or park.

The prices are fairly reasonable. The 300 watt electric and 33cc gas are $349 and $449 respectively. The 500 watt electric and 39 cc gas are both $499.

If you’re deciding between the gas and electric, here’s what I’d suggest: get the gas if you want longer distances and don’t mind a bit of noise, get the electric if you don’t mind a short range scooter but want to be fairly quiet. Always go for the more powerful one, it’s bigger and better.

The Cruzin Cooler is available from Amazon more info at Cruzin Cooler.

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10 thoughts on “Cruzin Coolers”

  1. WARNING! I had one of these and the electronic speed controller failed while riding. This caused it to go very fast with no warning and throttle/brake could not stop it. It caused a crash and serious injury. At first the company rep told me they knew about this problem, but when they heard injury, they denied everything! THIS COULD BE VERY DANGEROUS; ESPECIALLY FOR CHILDREN! USE CAUTION!

  2. Also, when an electronic speed control fails, if you ever owned a Remote control car before, it doesn’t make it go faster, in fact it does the exact opposite, it doesn’t go you smuck. Thats why they call it the electronic speed control. WOW .. ROFL you make me laugh.

  3. Kevin-I know you made this comment. No one but a company rep would post such a reply. Due to your past replies to other dealers, your ignorance and lack of vocabulary is easy to recognize. This was put as a warning so that hopefully no one else would be hurt. Did you think I just sat around one day and thought this problem up? Apparently you know even less about electronics than you do about customer service. I will give you a tip: It is better to be silent and thought of as a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt. These things are a hazard and I will continue to warn people. Hopefully no one will be killed on one of these. Made in China says it all. Stop by some day!

  4. This is not Kevin, this is KC.

    I know alot about electronics. I do know that if an electronic control module fails, the unit does not proceed to go faster. This is true in RC cars and as well in these units. There is no power for it to go faster. The control factor is based on the electric motor itself that is regulated by the electronic control module. There is no way for it to spin in revolutions faster to make the tires rotate faster. Once the electronic module dies, thats it. Everything dies because there is no power to regulate the speed of the unit itself. Maybe I am not being to clear on this. I do not work for Cruzin Coolers. I own one though and I love it. I have had no problems with mine. All I am saying that whatever case might be for you that when usually when an electronic control module fails,there is no power to the electric motor itself and thus causing the RC car or Cooler lets say not to move whatsoever. Now being made in China, maybe the chinese did some funky things that I don’t know about. As I can say, I have no problems so far. And if you did have something funky that did happen with your unit, I hope everything is fine with you and the family. Hope this helps. I wasn’t trying to be rude to you or anything, but I have owned alot of RC equipment in the past such as RC Boats, RC Cars, RC Airplanes and they are all the same. In my opinion, it sounds like maybe your unit might of gotten wet or maybe wires crossed to burn out the ECM. I don’t know what to tell you bro. But in any event, I would send your unit back and get a replacement if I were you, especially if you are having those kinds of problems.

  5. As I said, unless you know what you are talking about, keep your
    mouth (or keyboard) shut. There is a time between initial failure and
    burn out. This unit went to top speed (not faster) for approx 5
    seconds prior to burning (smoking) open. This happened as I was
    entering an intersection. As a disabled veteran (attempting to keep
    ignorant civilians like you to be able to continue to play with your
    toys), I was looking for something that did not have the look of a
    regular motorized chair. I even became a dealer for these things and
    I liked it, too. I ended up with 4 units that I donated WITH A
    WARNING as I could no longer sell them with the knowledge of the
    injury they could cause. Let’s hope you (or some child) does not
    experience the same problem. The service department at Cruzin Cooler
    admitted to this situation, and verified it happening in 6 other
    cases. Of course, when I tried to get them to help with the cost of
    the injury, they suddenly got a case of amnesia. You seem like the
    kind of person who laughed when your mother told you the stove was
    hot. I hope you made a similar dumb remark before you touched it.
    Then again, you can not tell some people anything. They have to be
    hard headed and experience the pain for themselves first hand. You
    should get in contact w/ Kevin Beal @ CC. You two would make good
    friends. Go back to your bong hits and RC toys (which I am sure is
    the limit of your electronics based experience). This was posted as a
    warning for people who might have some sense. Take it any way you
    want as I will have no concern for your possible injury. I have no
    more time to suffer fools.

  6. I bought a 750 watt cooler about a year ago and it did work well for the first 6 months then one day it wouldn’t take a charge. I tried calling and emailing the customer service department, it took over a week to get a response. After getting a response the lady in the department had no clue what she was doing. This process stared in August of 2010. She thought maybe the charger was bad so I sent her my charger and waited for her to send me the replacement. (Their policy is you have to return your malfunctioning equipment to receive a replacement, this takes about 2 weeks every time due to the mail time to Houston, processing time, and mail time back to you) KEEP THIS IN MIND! After receiving the replacement charger the cooler still wouldn’t take a charge. I called her and told her I was still having the same problem and it obviously wasn’t a problem with the charger. Her next step was to get the batteries checked, so I took them to my local Batteries+ store and they tested them. They said they were bad so I sent them to Cruzin Cooler ($35 shipping) and they shipped me new batteries. Again I was set back 2 weeks! Once I got the new batteries I still had the same problem. Cooler would not take a charge! I don’t know if the other batteries were good and Batteries+ was trying to get me to purchase new batteries or not…. SO I call her again, now she’s stumped. I had suggested maybe it was the controller unit (the computer that runs the whole cooler) she insisted every time that’s not the problem. She ended up having me call a guy in Illinois named Joe (he doesn’t work for Cruzin Cooler). Apparently he is the go to guy when Cruzin Cooler can’t fix their own product! After telling him about my problems he instantly says it is the controller unit. This piece is over $100 to replace. I then call back Cruzin Cooler and they agree to send me a replacement. I get the replacement and install it into the cooler and as soon as I plugged in the power adapter to the controller unit the cooler took of across my living room and slammed into a table and the wall, flipped over and left a black mark from the tire spinning on the carpet! I was pist!!! I immediately called Cruzin Cooler when she tried to insist that I had the battery and motor connecters backwards. I double checked and it tried to take off on my again! Once again she was stumped! I was told to call Joe in Illinois again and he told me he has heard of this happening and that one guy even told him he had the cooler take off at full speed and slam into the side of his brand new Corvette!!! I had to send that unit back and wait for another unit, another 2 weeks! I received the new unit and it did the same thing! After this happened I called back to Cruzin Cooler and they explained to me that the lady that I had been working with had been fired and that she had not been checking the controller units before shipping. So they ended up sending me a new controller unit. My cooler finally worked properly but when then I noticed that when the cooler slammed into my table and wall that it broke the lights in the throttle. I called and tried to get a new throttle, this was like fighting a war! I didn’t think I should pay for something that broke because of their mess up! I finally got them to send me the new controller only to realize after hooking it up they sent me the wrong throttle! I sent that back and finally received the correct throttle only to find out that when I plugged in the wrong throttle it blew the controller unit! Now I was back to ground zero!!! After shipping back both the controller unit and the throttle I got new ones. After installing the two parts and wiring it to the diagram on the controller unit it still did not work! I called Cruzin Cooler and talked to the new service guy (who takes for ever to hear from if he doesn’t answer the phone and even longer to reply to an email) and he informed me that the new shipment of controller units from China had the wiring diagram printed wrong on them and to try the wiring order he gave me. I then disconnected the wires and rewired him the way I was told only to find that the controller unit had blown again because of the wrong wiring! Now it’s February of 2011 and I still do not have a working cooler!!! DO NOT BUY THESE, THEY ARE CHEAPLY MADE IN CHINA AND THE COMPANY THAT IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THEM HAS NO CLUE WHAT THEY ARE DOING OR HOW TO REPAIR THEM!!!!! I feel that I could work in their service department and do a better job with as many times that I have taken it apart!!!!

  7. Bottom line. Cruzin Coolers are a novelty which work for a limited time. Customer service is poor. Even speaking with the top people Patrick Isenhower and Kevin Beal made me sick. Very disappointed. This company has much to learn.

  8. I too have had 2 of my 4 Cruzin Coolers glitch and take off at full speed. Unfortunately neither of mine burned out, the first time my 1000 watt ran over my 5 year old child and pinned him against the wall until I was able to flip the switch off.. The second time was last night with a 500 watt model that threw me off the back as soon as I hit the throttle causing me to slam my head agai st the concrete and it went full blast and hit a parked car. I too encountered the same issues with controllers that were wired wrong and it was a long process to get a working unit but that was a long time ago and my 500 watt unit would not have been in that batch of bad controllers, it even worked for several months before doing this.

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