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CrossHelmet X1 provides 360° field of view

For some of us, there is the thrill of zipping down the highway on a motorbike at speeds that we would normally not dream of doing so in an attempt to obtain an adrenaline rush while skipping rush hour traffic. Owning a high powered motorbike is certainly a joy, but then again there is also the drawback of having one’s vision being blocked or limited due to the helmet that one wears. The CrossHelmet X1 offers something else entirely: a 360° field of view that is made possible courtesy of its integrated rear-camera and augmented reality HUD (Heads Up Display).

 The CrossHelmet X1 will certainly offer more than all round visuals, as it also boasts of a unique sound control system, Bluetooth connectivity, voice commands and a touchpad to make it one of the more complex and sophisticated helmets around that is truly a revolutionary product. Merging both safety and a beautiful design, the CrossHelmet X1 intends to reduce the high rates of motorbike accidents through its rear camera that lets you see what is right behind you on the HUD itself, getting rid of traditional blind spots in the process.

In addition, the frontal field of view happens to be 30% wider compared to other traditional helmets, which will certainly help the case of one’s safety to boot. With the HUD, the rider will be able to gain visual access to the entire range of navigation information directly on the display in order for him/her not to lose sight of the road. This helmet also contains special LEDs that are located on the sides of the helmet in order to make one’s presence more visible. With Bluetooth connectivity that works with an app on a smartphone, riders are also able to check out current battery levels at a glance, safety lights, and access maps. The recommended retail price for the CrossHelmet X1 is $1,799.

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